Welcome to EBS group.

We have been providing professional consultancy services for ten years and specialise in the areas of ecology, restoration and cultural heritage.

For more information please go the websites of the individual service areas shown below.

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3/119 Hayward Avenue,
Torrensville, SA, 5031
T 08 7127 5607 • F 08 8352 1222
E info@ebservices.com.au

EBS Ecology

Providing a range of environmental consultancy services including flora and fauna surveys, project planning, ecological assessments and monitoring, legislative approvals, management plans and GIS services.


EBS Restoration

Providing a range of on-ground environmental services including implementation of vegetation management plans, site maintenance, revegetation, weed / pest control & management, bushcare, and vegetation clearance.


EBS Heritage

Providing a range of cultural heritage consultancy services in the areas of Indigenous, European and Built Heritage including surveys, excavation, assessments, approvals, compliance and many other services.